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Vegan philosophy and lifestyle

We are a registered non-profit corporation. Our mission can be explained in many pages or a few words: Reduce harm for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. Our main way to achieve this is to promote the adoption of a vegan lifestyle.

We aim to provide a central organization to provide the link between all of Canada's local associations, assist with funding when in the scope of charitable law, provide vegan certification at low costs, and generally provide the public with information, assistance and organization regarding all things vegan in Canada.

Unfortunately, so much funding goes towards small companion animals often because even though donors would like to help all animals, there is no Canada wide charitable organization to do so. We aim to be this organization. If you have something to share: News, events, vegan discounts, reviews or anything you think could benefit all vegans living in Canada, please send us a message.


At Your Service

Speaking for veganism

Do you need someone to speak about veganism? "Lettuce" know and we'll be there

Vegan certification

We offer low cost vegan product certification. Our certification process is rigorous and contains on-site mandatory inspection and audit of facilities and products. We also offer consulting services at no charge to those who want to self certify. Contact us for more details.

Vegan news

Keeping you updated on important news to vegans in Canada.

Linking communities

Linking the hundreds of individual communities throughout Canada to provide communion, communication and community among vegans as well as seemless transition for vegans on the move.

Local group hosting

Thinking of forming a non profit? Instead, consider coming under the umbrella of the Vegan Society of Canada with an address like Instead of spending time with Revenue Canada, spend time helping animals.

Vegan financial services

We are developing vegan financial services like daily banking and investments ETF. Contact us and add your name to the waiting list and be notified as funds become available. It is our mandate to ensure that our savings are used as loans for people and businesses that are compatible with the vegan philosophy as stated above.

Legal workshop

We aim to develop legal workshops so that people across the country can safely exercise their right to demonstrate peacefully and intervene or disrupt when the law permits. Contact us for more details or to help make this a reality.

Media inquiries

On a deadline to file a piece and need quick turnaround on a vegan related topic? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to assist you. To ensure a prompt response, please inform us of your deadline when you contact us.


Spring 2018

Veggie Fest Hamilton, ON, May 5 2018 Mississauga Vegfest, ON, May 12 2018 Powell River VegFest, BC, May 12 2018 Kelowna Vegan Festival, BC, May 26-27 2018 VegExpo, BC, May 27 2018 Niagara VegFest, ON, June 2-3 2018 Ottawa Veg Fest, ON, June 2-3 2018 VegFest Calgary, AB, June 16 2018

Summer 2018

KW VegFest, ON, July 7 2018 Sarnia VegFest, ON, July 8 2018 Vegtoria, BC, July 21 2018 Muskoka VegFest, ON, August 11 2018 Toronto Vegandale Food and Drink Festival, ON, August 11-12 2018 St. John's VegFest, NL, August 26 2018 Toronto Veg Food Fest, ON, September 7-9 2018 Winnipeg VegFest, MB, September 15 2018 Peterborough Vegfest, ON, September 16 2018

Fall 2018

VegFest Guelph, ON, September 22 2018 Bronte Vegan Food Fair, ON, September 23 2018 Halifax VegFest, NS, September 23 2018 VegFest Edmonton, AB, September 30 2018 Windsor VegFest, ON, October 1 2018 Durham Vegan Fest, ON, October 13 2018 Kingston VegFest, ON, October 20 2018 Montreal Vegan Festival, QC, October 20-21 2018 VegFest London, ON, November 10 2018


We believe that it is still possible to run a charitable organization with volunteers and want to give everyone the opportunity to experience the practice of giving. Therefore we need your help, if you want to contribute there is a place for you. We are looking to fill many roles like social media poster, manager, board members, journalist, editor, translator (french), farmer, researcher, Msc. & PhD. student in the broad field of psychology and neuroscience, legal, news publications, public relations, public speaker, graphic designer, etc...


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Latest News

September 2018

Just the facts: Alcohol, health and which ones are not vegan certifiable
Vegan Society of Canada News, September 14th 2018

It may come as a surprise that the top wines sold in Canada are not vegan certifiable, and no amount of alcohol consumption is safe...

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One of the last largest meat producer joins Cargill and Tyson into the future of plant protein
Vegan Society of Canada News, September 7th 2018

While we doubt this decision was made out of any ethical concerns, we nonetheless welcome it as a sign of change. Why not make it easier for others like them to make the change by going vegan yourself? Join one of the local communities in your area or contact us for help on how to get started.

If you are another old-fashioned animal protein company looking to make the switch to being a "trusted name in premium protein" contact us, we will help anyone trying to make the transition.

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Organization of Canadian VegFests
Vegan Society of Canada News, September 7th 2018

As we talk with large businesses, we find out they too would like to take part in the VegFests happening throughout Canada - but for them talking to 101 different organizations for sponsorship is not an option. This is where we can benefit from increased cooperation and better organization. During the winter, we will contact various festival organizers in an attempt to bundle together a Canada-wide sponsorship package for VegFests in 2019 - this way large corporations that want to support plant-based options through sponsoring VegFests can do so efficiently. If you are a VegFest organizer and your festival is finished for this year, feel free to drop us a line so we can start the discussion. Otherwise we plan to contact you sometime in the late fall after all festivals are over.

August 2018

Our economy needs change: The UN Global Sustainable Development Report
Vegan Society of Canada News, August 28th 2018

The input document on the economic transformation that will be required for a sustainable future, which will be used in the upcoming UN global sustainable development report 2019 is out. Like many others they also realized that a sustainable future will require drastic change to the way we eat...

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Strengthening our motivation: Fostering peace, preventing conflict and the illusion of sustainable animal agriculture
Vegan Society of Canada News, August 26th 2018

In our series aim at strengthening our motivation we wanted to discuss the illusion of sustainable and organic animal agriculture and how plant-based food foster peace and prevent conflicts...

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