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From links to local association, current events, resources and discussion on issues of interest to vegan living in Canada we aim to provide it all.

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Making the link

The intention is to provide a central organization to make the link between all our local associations, assist with funding when in the scope of charitable law, provide vegan certification at low costs, and generally provide the public facing organization for all things vegan in Canada. Unfortunately, so much funding goes towards small companion animals often because even though donors would like to help animals there is no Canada wide charitable organization that further the advancement of the vegan philosophy and as such help animals, we aim to be this organization. If you have something to share: News, events, vegan discount, reviews or anything you think could benefit all vegans living in Canada send us a message.


At Your Service

Speaking for veganism

Do you need someone to speak about veganism? Lettuce know and we'll be there

Vegan certification

We offer free vegan certification and ask that businesses cover associated fees. Our certification is rigorous and contains on-site mandatory inspection and audit regardless of the seemingly simple nature of the product. We also offer the same consulting services freely to those who want to self certify. Contact us for more details.

Vegan news

Keeping you updated on important news to vegans in Canada.

Linking communities

Linking the hundred of individual communities throughout Canada to provide seemless transition for vegans on the move.

Local group hosting

Thinking of forming into a non profit? Instead consider coming under the umbrella of the society with an address like and instead of spending time with Revenue Canada spend time helping animals

Vegan financial services

We are developing vegan financial services like daily banking and investments ETF, contact us and add your name on the waiting list and be notified as things become available. The time as come to insure that our savings are not use as loan for people and businesses that are incompatible with the vegan philosophy.

Legal workshop

We aim to develop legal workshop so people accross the country can safely exercise their right to manifest peacefully and intervene when the law permits. Contact us for more details or to help making this a reality.



We believe that it is still possible to run a charitable organization with volunteers and want to give everyone the opportunity to experience the practice of giving. Therefore we need your help, if you want to contribute there is a place for you. We are looking to fill many roles like social media poster, manager, board members, journalist, editor, researcher, Msc. & PhD. student in the broad field of psychology and neuroscience, legal, news publications, public relations, graphic designer, etc...


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