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October 2018

We must do more to prevent human caused climate change
October 14th, 2018

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released another report ahead of the COP24 summit in Poland later this year. The report is titled "Global Warming of 1.5c", continues to remind us that

Limiting warming to 1.5°C is possible within the laws of chemistry and physics but doing so would require unprecedented changes
Some of those unprecedented changes of course have to do with animal agriculture and our diet...

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September 2018

Balanced plant-based diet one of the healthiest
Vegan Society of Canada News, September 28th 2018

It should now be clear that a simple balanced plant-based diet is one of the healthiest diet. In case there is still some doubt one of the most comprehensive study just published talks about the dangers of low or high carbohydrate diet and the benefits of plant-based foods...

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August 2018

Our economy needs change: The UN Global Sustainable Development Report
Vegan Society of Canada News, August 28th 2018

The input document on the economic transformation that will be required for a sustainable future, which will be used in the upcoming UN global sustainable development report 2019 is out. Like many others they also realized that a sustainable future will require drastic change to the way we eat...

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Discussions of Greenpeace's meat and dairy consumption target
Vegan Society of Canada News, August 7th 2018

We wanted to both congratulate and discuss Greenpeace's meat and dairy consumption target for 2050...

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We must do more
Vegan Society of Canada News, August 7th 2018

We must do more. The latest estimate for meat consumption for 2018 and projection for 2019 for the USA are out and apart from milk, we can see the US is breaking all time high records and Canada is also following in their footstep increasing since 2014...

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Emission impossible: How big meat and dairy are heating up the planet
August 2nd, 2018

Did we talk about climate change yet? Of course we are biased: We have a bias against human caused mass extinction events and the suffering it will cause to all animals including human beings. This new report confirms our internal calculations...

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July 2018

Peacebird vegan eco-village
Vegan Society of Canada News, July 6th 2018

You have been contacting us with interest in vegan communities so we went searching. In this article we will look at the vegan eco-village Peacebird in Ontario and an upcoming offshoot in British-Columbia.

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New partnership and call for increase cooperation
Vegan Society of Canada News, July 1st 2018

Today we are announcing the start of our initiative to partner with another vegan organization in order to maximize our impact and efficiency. We are hoping to announce in the weeks and months to come shared initiatives and increased cooperation where we take the best of what others have done for decades and use them in Canada and we cooperate on projects where we have made good progress like vegan financial services. Read on and happy Canada day...

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June 2018

New tariffs on food coming July 1st 2018
Vegan Society of Canada News, June 21st 2018

New tariffs will come into effect July 1st 2018. In this article we look at the impact this will have for vegans in Canada.

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Closing the gap
Vegan Society of Canada News, June 21st 2018

We were discussing earlier this year the gap that exist between countries with long time active Vegan Society like in England and Canada. For example, Nestle UK provides a list...

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VegFest best practices
Vegan Society of Canada News, June 16th 2018

To avoid confusion and recent problems at some VegFest here are some best practices to follow for event organizers...

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New Vegan Society of Canada gear
Vegan Society of Canada News, June 15th 2018

We are currently working on various branded gear and we have some special gift for our donors...

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Vegan abandonment
Vegan Society of Canada News, June 5th 2018

Unfortunately a recent survey conducted by Kellogg’s only reinforce a 2014 study which indicated that many people who change to a vegan lifestyle abandon within the first year. In this article we will explore this further.

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Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth
The Guardian, May 31st 2018

It has been said for a while and now this latest comprehensive study on the subject confirms what everyone has been saying for a while.

"A vegan diet is probably the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth, not just greenhouse gases, but global acidification, eutrophication, land use and water use"

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March 2018

The costs of a plant based diet
Vegan Society of Canada News, March 31st 2018

We wanted to address some discussion currently in the media surrounding the cost of following a diet compatible with the vegan philosophy. Read over our article and make your own opinion.

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The first vegan ETF in the world
Vegan Society of Canada News, March 6th 2018

Ethical financial services will be an important building block of a sustainable future. That is why we are launching today the first Vegan ETF in the world. If you have a sizable portfolio and are interested in shaping the first Vegan ETF in the world contact us for more details.

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